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by Liza

Blackbird Candy Shoppe features jonboy carmels

August 17, 2009 in Ballard by Liza

Blackbird Candy Shoppe

What do you do with an odd little nook 6 ft by 6 at the corner of your clothing store? Blackbird owner Nicole Miller decided to turn it into a candy store at the corner of 22nd and the Bergen Place courtyard—and it is getting a lot of looks from passers by.

The shoppe opened three weeks ago and just this week added jonboy caramels—gourmet caramels by a local man who is not much more than a boy himself. Blackbird employee Andy Ziskis says Jon makes the caramels at the Whole Foods kitchen in small handmade batches. At Blackbird, I tried a sample of both the salt caramel—quite tantalizing on the tongue—and the molasses ginger—just like a pecan pie. The flavors were amazing and I’m not even a big fan of caramel.

Although the store is still finding itself—you’ll find retro and specialty candies such as Pop Rocks and RJ’s New Zealand licorice, jars of bright colored candies sold for $0.69 per ounce, and Empire Ice Cream made from products from the Ballard Farmer’s Market—I hope this candy shop finds its sweet spot by carrying more small boutique confections like jonboy’s.

by Eliza

Make it a Dog night! Ballard's suburb secret

August 16, 2009 in Ballard by Eliza


In the heart of Ballard’s suburban neighborhood, tucked away at 70th and 7th, lies The Barking Dog Alehouse.  This classy, yet homey pub is upheld by true Ballard families.  The Dog houses an intimate setting for parties of all sizes.  There is a full bar and an ever-evolving menu of local and specialty brews.  Not to mention a fabulous and full menu!

This cozy corner is regularly visited by local pedestrians is a full house absolutely every night of the week! It’s a must-visit when you’re in the mood for a low-key, relaxing atmosphere.

Take a sneak-peak of the menu:

Blackbean Nachos $9.95

Ballard “Blues” Salad $10.75

Waffle fries $4.75

Creme brulee $6.95

Some local brews:

Hale’s Cream Ale

Chuckanut Dortmunder

Boundary Bay Lightner

*also lots of Belgians!

**also a plethora of scotches!

Visit or find ‘em on facebook!


Opens daily at 11am. Brunch, lunch, dinner, drink.

The Dog

The Not-So-Pretty Side of Ballard

August 16, 2009 in Ballard by yuma2seattle

There are many beautiful sights in Ballard.  However, I have noticed that their seems to be an unfortunately large amount of grafitti damage to apartments, businesses, and abandoned buildings alike – and it seems to be increasing in prevalence.  It is rather disheartening when I think about the cost of removing these scratches and taggings imposed on the community and small business and property owners

In addition, it is just ugly to look at, and doesn’t instill a sense of community pride.  Recently, I had someone tag my apartment under my window while i was sleeping.  The question remains who are these individuals doing these taggings.  What can we do to reduce this?  The day after the tagging, our local handyman was scrubbing away at the mark.  “I wish I could find the kids that did this,” he sighed, “and make them clean it up.”  The problem seems to be that we can never catch them doing it – but we all must live with the result.

by Amy

2nd Annual Pig & Pipes Pig Roast Fundraiser

August 15, 2009 in Ballard, Ballard Events by Amy

The second annual Pig and Pipes fundraiser will be held on Saturday, August 22 at the Old Pequliar Public House. The event begins at noon and lasts until 6:00pm. It is a benefit for the Seattle Fire Department’s Seattle’s Bravest Charity and will include a performance by the Seattle Firefighters Pipes and Drums Corps, dressed in kilts and playing bagpipes. Other entertainment will include The Raybone Experience, a Seattle-based Celtic rock group.

Old Pequliar Public HouseFood consists of the roasting of two 120-pound pigs and various sides provided by Tom Douglas Restaurants, with beer and alcoholic drinks available for purchase. Advance tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased at the Old Pequliar, or $20.00 the day of the event. Ticket price includes entry, food, and entertainment.

Seattle’s Bravest Charity is a nonprofit created in 1995 after the death of four firefighters in the Pang Warehouse fire. The organization has created various programs to aid the groups within community, including fire victims, the elderly, underprivileged children, and the families of fire fighters.

The Old Pequliar is a pub in Ballard that serves traditional Irish pub fare and beers on tap. Hours are 12pm-2am Monday-Friday and 10am-2am Saturday-Sunday, with a happy between 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight. The O.P. hosts a popular trivia night every Tuesday at 8pm.

Contact information:
Seattle’s Bravest Charity
Dave Churchill,
(206) 285-1271

Old Pequliar
1722 NW Market St
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 782-8886

by Amy

Ballard – Goodwill Hunting

August 12, 2009 in Ballard by Amy

All you packrats and bargain hunters: beware.  The Ballard Goodwill is a treasure trove of wonderful and useful things.  Granted, you won’t be the first to discover it but there are enough gems waiting to be found that you can share them with the crowds of other bargain shoppers.

Shopping at a Goodwill for good deals or hard-to-find objects makes sound economic sense but it also supports a worthy cause.  Goodwill Industries International, Inc. is a nonprofit which provides education and vocational training to people with disadvantages or disabilities across North America, as well as numerous employment opportunities.  Perhaps more importantly, the Ballard store offers an above-average quality selection of new and used merchandise.

The store is huge but very well organized.  Each section is clearly labeled, in addition to the various subsections (i.e. women’s tank tops, athletic wear), providing a pleasant shopping atmosphere.  The aisles are kept clear and neat.  There is always a huge selection of furniture spilling out into the parking lot, with many different options from which to choose.  The electronics, kitchen, home, clothing, and media sections are also well stocked and new items are put out constantly, ensuring a changing and varied assortment.  Attendants are friendly and helpful.

My personal favorite is the excellent book selection, with paperbacks a bargain at $0.69.  This price can’t be beat, and while the collection includes the typical romance novel series and John Grisham medleys, there are many classics and more obscure titles.  There is a huge variety of cookbooks and other nonfiction items for every literary taste.

Some may balk at the idea of buying used items but I highly recommend checking out the options at the Ballard Goodwill.  The entire store is very clean and well-lit, with a large selection to suit every interest, which turns shopping sustainably and affordably into a wonderful experience.  Once again, beware.  It could become an addiction.

Hours are Monday through Saturday 9am to 9pm and Sunday 10am to 7pm.  The Goodwill is on the corner of 8th and 6th Ave NW.  Contact information for the store:
6400 8th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 957-5544

August Artwalk

August 7, 2009 in Ballard, Ballard Art, Ballard Events, Ballard Restaurants by BallardBelle

This Saturday is Ballard artwalk, an always anticipated event, but this particular Second Saturday will also be the 4th birthday party for Venue – a wonderful boutique full of art from over 40 local artists. I love this place with its modern, contemporary look and the fact that it carries everything from greeting cards to $3,000 paintings. We visit every month to chat with the ever amiable owner/handbag designer Diane Macrae, meet some of the artists, and see some really great art.

We hear that this month the new gourmet ice cream truck, Parfait will be right nearby and if you buy $40 or more at Venue, you’ll get a free single scoop! Sweet. Especially since Venue already has the most swinging artwalk with cool music, interesting people, great art and the best complimentary snacks. And don’t forget Seattle’s only Art-o-Mat machine – a refurbished cigarette machine that dispenses art from all over the world in handy little packages for $5.

We love wandering Ballard on artwalk evenings, seeing the streets full of people. There’s just such a great vibe. You can go can a drink at the new Bastille restaurant which has such a great ambience in its big open space, not to mention the more hidden back bar and beautiful outdoor patio. Then pop in and out of stops on the artwalk map. We love Market Street Shoes (what’s better than shoes AND art?!), linger by the windows at Annie’s Art and Frame, and then head down into old Ballard, I hear they have art and a guest aerialist at Monster Art & Clothing. And when you finally make your way home filled with art and culture, don’t forget to stop by Ballard’s new Bodega, Snacks for that quart of milk you’ll need for breakfast.

by Liza

Bastile serves up rooftop greens

August 6, 2009 in Ballard, Ballard Restaurants by Liza

Bastille located on the 5300 block of historic Ballard Ave has been a hard place to get into until recently—even mid-week. The French inspired restaurant opened in late June. Last night, the place was bubbling for a Wednesday evening, but although we were late for our reservation, they were still able to fit us in—something you couldn’t count on a few weeks back.

Bastille's rooftop garden

So many dishes looked good and I wanted to try more than our appetites and budgets could afford—so I never got to their falafel sandwich—I hear they are going to create a walk up window so you can get a sandwich in hand around the back.

I did order their Pommes Aligot—Yukon Gold potatoes whipped with Cantal, a French cheese—which was about the most heavenly thing I’ve had this summer. Their salad greens were crisp and tasty and I couldn’t help but notice that they said they were grown French style right on the rooftop of the building—now that is local! Although I couldn’t go up myself due to liability issues, my waiter, Dave Bender, obliged my curiosity and provided me with a panorama of photos of the rooftop gardens.

Maybe due to the atmosphere or the excellent tequila and good company, the conversation was lively too. Jeanine observed that open water swims at Green Lake are popular among the middle aged female set (Danskin approaches) and Renee ( enlightened us about her new venture: the Dating Academy—which seeks to educate the finer points of dating and includes group field trips to nightlife in Ballard and Columbia City with active on site coaching.

by Cameron

Another One Bites the Dust

August 6, 2009 in Ballard by Cameron

Olsen's Scandinavian FoodsOlsen’s Scandinavian Foods on Market Street will close after 49 years of business in Ballard. Olsen’s attempted to sell within the family, but to no avail. The destination storefront for hard to find Scandinavian foods and other randoms is in the process of complete liquidation.

Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods is of three recent Market Street retailers who are closing their doors forever, along with Epilogue Books and Best Regards.

Another Reason to Eat a Cupcake

August 5, 2009 in Ballard, Ballard Restaurants by yuma2seattle


It is no secret to Ballard residents that Cupcake Royale’s cupcakes are utterly ridicu-licious (ridiculous + delicious?).   However, there are additional reasons you should support this local business in addition to its tasty treats.  Jody Hall contributes 25 cents of every cake to employee healthcare, and Hall is a crusader for health care for all Americans.

A member of the Washington Can!, she has been an advocate for affordable health care for 2 years.  She has gone to the White House and championed her cause to politicians and the media alike (give health care costs measured in cupcakes on NPRs Morning Edition a listen).  All the while, she has been able to expand her business (opening up a 4th location on Capitol Hill July 22nd)  and make delicious food at an affordable price.  All this blogging is making me hungry…for cupcakes.

by Karen

Night Out at Ballard Community Center

August 3, 2009 in Ballard by Karen

Tuesday, August 4th is Seattle’s annual “Night Out,” a national event to heighten crime prevention awareness and celebrate communities’ efforts towards safety. Many blocks around the city will be closed off as neighbors meet, chat, and catch up on local events.

Whether or not your block has planned activities, you can celebrate Seattle Night Out at the Ballard Community Center, from 5:30-8:00 p.m. There will be barbecued hot dogs, bouncy toys, games, and the opportunity to socialize with fellow Ballardites of all ages. Come show your neighborhood pride!

The Ballard Community Center is located at 6020 28th Avenue NW.

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